Green Citizens' Action Alliance

Introduction of Green Citizens' Action Alliance

Green Citizens Action Alliance is the successor of the former TEPUTC (Taiwan Environment Protection Union Taipei Chapter), which was founded in September 1992, in Taipei. In December 1999, we adopted a new structure and new name.
Our members include various individuals from various social classes living in the Taiwan area who are concerned with environmental issues.

The collusion of governments with corporate interests has forced the public to protect the environment through streets demonstrations and lobbying in the Legislative Yuan. GCAA's activities focus on social movements, to organize grass-root people ,unify the force from every line, educate people, and spread the green ideas and knowledge.

Future Direction

Presently the GCAA is mainly engaged in work on anti-nuclear issues and energy policy. In the future we will begin to concentrate more on the issue of waste disposal and other environmental issues pertinent to Taiwan.

No Nuke
We will continue to advocate eliminate all nuclear power plants in Taiwan, including the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant which is presently under construction. We also keep on an anti-nuke movement documentary on the issue and setup a Taiwan NoNuke Information Center. We also push the government to promote a eco-friendly and new energy policy.

Zero Waste
We continue to propose appropriate waste management policies without Incineration and rough landfill

Coast Survey and conservation
We will undertake a survey of the natural resources of Northern Coast, and work with other progressive groups to help draft a law regarding coastal development and ocean conservation.

Action Program
Provide grass-roots environmental education workshop and programs for the public.

Future Outlook

Issue Coordination(Solidarity)
Links with Communities (Integration)
Citizens' Actions
Sustainable Society

In the future we will also devote more time and energy to expanding our international links, and the sharing of resources and information internationally. Only through cooperation across boundaries will we be able to understand the world's ecosystem and word to preserve it for the benefit of all humanity.

Financial Affairs

Supporting Membership
Monthly donations of NT$500, NT$1,000 and NT$2,000. In addition to enjoying all of the benefits of membership, a yearly conference is help for supporting members. Supporting members also receive publications produced by the GCAA, special gifts, and a newsletter of GCAA activities. The names of supporting members appear all of in GCAA's yearly reports.
One time membership donation of NT$500 and yearly membership donation
of NT$1,200. Members are able to travel of eco-tours sponsored by GCAA,
Tax-deductible donations are welcome.
Sales of GCAA publications


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